Student Services

Student Services

Our students’ needs are our #1 priority. Therefore, Nile Language School’s Student Services Coordinator strives to help students feel comfortable and to make their transition to the US smooth. The coordinator helps students with any issues that arise and plans activities for students that are fun and educational and allows them to practice their new English language skills!

Student Advising

Nile Language School has three administrators who also serve as advisors. Students may make appointments with the Director, Program Coordinator, or Student Services Coordinator for academic and personal advising. Students can refer to the office hours schedule on the bulletin board for available times. If the administrators feel that a student’s needs exceed the resources available within NLS, referrals to other professionals, services or programs are given.

Academic Advising:

Academic advising is available for students whose needs are academic in nature. Academic advising is provided for:

  • Students who struggle during a course
  • Students who do not pass a course
  • Students interested in attending a US college or university
  • Students taking the TOEFL course
  • Students who have questions regarding their studies  

Personal Advising:

Personal advising is available for students whose needs are personal in nature. These needs may include:

  • Homesickness
  • Difficulty understanding or adjusting to American culture
  • Emergencies
  • Health problems
  • Assistance obtaining a driver’s license 
  • Any other personal problems/needs 

Tutoring Center

Nile Language staff has been trained to help students unlock difficulties in grammar, vocabulary, writing, and homework. Tutorial is available for students who need extra help.

General Information

The School Director, Student Services Coordinator, and Program Coordinator are available to answer students’ questions about the school and other matters in general, such as housing, transportation, banking, sporting and recreation, tourist attractions, colleges and universities, internships, scholarships, and social and cultural norms. The School Director and Program Coordinator can also help students about school related problems with classmates, teachers, and/or staff members.

Parties, Celebrations, and Picnics

Nile Language School occasionally organizes celebrations, programs and outdoor activities such as picnics, field trips, and other special events. Students will be promptly advised and encouraged to come to these special events.

Class/Schedule Change

Students may request a class or schedule change only for legitimate reasons. For instance, if a student desires to move to another ESL course, the student must undergo a skills evaluation with the Student Advisor. Upon the Student Advisor’s recommendation, the student can move to his/her desired course. Teachers may also recommend student’s change of course. For change of schedule/class time, students can be accommodated upon availability of a slot in the student’s needed course at his/her preferred schedule.

Official Letters

Students may request official letters such as certification as a current student at Nile Language School, certification as a previous student at Nile Language School, letter for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and transfer letters. Letters are processed within five to seven days upon request.


A certificate is issued to students who successfully complete a level:

  • Beginner English
  • Intermediate English
  • Advanced English
  • College Preparation/TOEFL

The request should be made at the Director or Program Coordinator’s office, and the certificate will be available for pick up after five business days.


Though students have the option to buy their textbooks online or at any other bookstores, textbooks are conveniently available for sale in the campus with little or no difference in price.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are available for both the staff and students’ convenience. The machines were significantly placed inside the campus for available snacks and drinks anytime of the day without the hassle of going out.


Nile Language School students, faculty and staff are eligible to park in the building parking lot at no cost.